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Green power: UK solar installation heads for record

Investment in clean technology for UK has risen to £1.6bn, but sector remains under pressure amid growing energy bills Installations of solar power in the UK are likely to top records this year, and could offset some of the expensive dependence on gas, research has found, but the global outlook for green energy is still […]

Renewables to Challenge Coal in China as Power Sector Doubles in Size

LONDON — Big changes are on the way for China’s power sector, new analysis predicts, with renewables set to play a central role. A report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, titled The Future of China’s Power Sector: From centralised and coal powered to distributed and renewable?, predicts that by 2030 the nation’s current reliance on […]

Australia Retains Renewable Energy Target

Despite efforts by some Australian utility companies and industry groups to see Australia’s Renewable Energy Targets (RET) wound back, the government has decided to maintain them. Utilities are having an impact elsewhere, with fixed electricity prices set to increase to ensure solar households pay “their share” of electricity infrastructure costs. Energy policy in Australia has […]

Argentina Prepping for Solar Energy Surge With Incentives, Domestic Credit

LONDON — Argentina, which along with Venezuela has the least renewable energy in Latin America, is set to expand solar capacity as much as 35-fold as the government plans its first incentives for individual projects. International developers are planning plants in Argentina’s western regions, which get about twice the solar radiation of the largest solar […]

New Mexico To Purchase Solar Energy At a Lower Price Than Coal

The economic viability of solar power is advancing rapidly. It’s actually already more then competitive within certain markets, and the price of solar panels saw a precipitous decline over the last four years. In fact, solar technology has been advancing so rapidly that analysts have had trouble keeping their models up to date. When the […]