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ISU professor researching new wind turbine design

By Julie Ferrell One Iowa State University professor is leading the development of a new way to increase national wind energy production. Sri Sritharan, ISU’s Wilson Engineering professor in civil, construction and environmental engineering and leader of the College of Engineering’s wind energy initiative, is developing new details for his Hexcrete project, a concrete alternative […]

New Jersey Town to Test Solar-Powered Commuter Pods

By Jennifer Larino A New Jersey town will test solar-powered commuter pods it hopes will provide an alternative to inefficient mass transit systems and gridlocked roads, Fast Company reports. According to the report, the commuter pods, built by Minneapolis, Minn.-based JPods, look something like ski lifts that would run under existing elevated highways and above […]

Google Aims To “Fundamentally Change the World of Power”

According to sources familiar with the company, Google has set its sights on transforming the delivery of electrons. Brian Womack and Mark Chediak, Bloomberg SAN FRANCISCO — Google Inc. plans a deeper push into the $363.7 billion U.S. power-sales market by working on tools that help utilities deliver electricity to homes and businesses more efficiently, […]

Illinois No. 1 in Switching to Renewable Energy: Report

(AP) — Illinois buys more renewable energy than any other state, which has reduced pollution by the equivalent of removing a million cars from the road over the past few years, according to a report released today by national and state environmental groups. A 2009 state law allowed communities to buy their own electricity rather […]

Biogas, solar power N.J. wastewater treatment plant

A northern New Jersey wastewater treatment plant is using a combination of biogas and solar energy technologies to produce 100 percent of its power requirements. Through a 20-year, public-private partnership with Natural Systems Utilities, Middlesex Water Co. and American Refining and Biochemical, the village of Ridgewood, N.J., recently brought the biogas energy project on line. […]