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AGL Solar Energy

It was announced in December 2013 that AGL Solar Energy had finally managed to bridge the gap between government funding and private financial backing to begin work on what will be the largest solar PV plant in the Southern Hemisphere. This news comes after several years and problems of securing financial backing needed to gain […]

Solar power saves the day during Australia’s record heatwave

By: Ian Clover As 40C-plus heat pours strain on traditional power plants, solar panel systems throughout Australia have taken up the slack.   While tennis players have wilted and bush fires have raged, solar power systems in Australia have come to the fore this week as the nation battles with the effects of the latest […]

Blustery Weather Generated A Wind Power Bonanza

Wind farms in Australia’s National Electricity Market cranked a record amount of power for the week beginning August 11. During the period, 47% of South Australia’s power was supplied by the wind and Victoria’s wind farms contributed 10% to that state’s electricity needs. Tasmania and New South Wales had their second and third highest levels […]