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Set Some Green Apartment Resolutions for the New Year

Many people don’t follow through with their New Year’s resolutions, but going green is an easy one to fulfill. Making your home in our Irving community more eco-friendly is simple to do. Use these green living tips to follow your resolutions in 2014: Shut the heat off before going to bed, but do it a […]

12 Eco-Resolutions to Green Up Your Life

And look! Reusable bottles are much prettier than the disposable one. Photo by Alan Levine (via Flickr) Another year, another batch of resolutions to make. We all promise to be nicer, to exercise more, to get angry less, and to give more. But did you include “saving the world” on that list? Saving the world […]

Go Green in 2012: Top New Year Resolutions

With New Year 2012 just around the corner, we are all planning to make New Year’s resolutions; lose weight, exercise more, save money…But this time, instead of typical New Year goals that you won’t probably follow, why not make a green resolution?  Small changes can make a huge difference for you and help save the […]

You Say You Want a Resolution

Courtesy: Just think, if everyone made a green resolution this year, we actually would be able to change the world. It’s the end of the year as we know it (the end of the world is apparently 12 short months away). But let’s just assume that the world isn’t going to end next December. […]

Green New Years Resolutions

  Courtesy: As the New Year is quickly approaching some of us are pondering what our next failed attempt at a resolution will be. So many times I see people make resolutions and quickly break them days, weeks, or months later, but the beauty of the New Year’s Resolution is that it’s more of […]