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World’s Highest Wind Turbine Will Hover Above Alaska

By Katherine Tweed The title for world’s largest wind turbine is constantly up for grabs as manufacturers build higher and bigger to capture more energy from the passing air. One turbine in Alaska, however, will now spin high above the rest. Altaeros Energies will launch its high-altitude floating wind turbine south of Fairbanks to bring […]

Apple reportedly testing wireless and solar charging for iWatch

Devindra Hardawar Undoubtedly, one of the biggest problems wearable gadgets face is the sad state of battery technology today. So it’s not a huge surprise to hear that Apple is exploring ways to get around aging battery technology for its oft-rumored smartwatch project — in particular, wireless inductive charging and solar charging — according to […]

Oman Invests in Solar Energy — to Extract Oil

Heavy oil 2,000 feet below the surface needs heat to help it flow, something that solar power can easily provide. Aging oilfields in the Sultanate of Oman and other places in the Middle East still have a lot of oil beneath the sands, but extracting the deeper, heavier oil can be an expensive and difficult […]

The Shrinking Cost of Solar Energy: By the Numbers

According to Moore’s Law, the price of computing power is slashed in half every two years — which helps explain why personal computers become outdated so quickly. But now, as Paul Krugman at The New York Times notes, the solar energy industry is experiencing a similar trend. The price of producing solar power continues to fall […]

Schneider does home energy

Schneider does home energy sans smart meter Schneider Electric pushes into home energy management with Wiser system which uses either a smart meter or home broadband connection. Read this blog post by Martin LaMonica on Green Tech. Tweet