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GE uses plastic surgery on wind turbine blades for more power

By David Szondy   Sometimes progress can be its own worst enemy, with early adopters being stuck with obsolete equipment that leaves them with the choice of living with out-dated technology or an expensive replacement. The green energy field isn’t immune to this, and as part of a US$2 million renewable energy project, GE has […]

Romania to Produce More Solar than Nuclear Power in 2016

BUCHAREST – Solar power will eclipse nuclear energy in 2016 in Romania if investment in photovoltaic plants continues at the current pace, official figures released on Monday showed. “We expect the installed capacity of solar plants to reach 50 to 100 MW at the end of 2012, 500 to 1,000 MW at the end of […]

World Solar Power Goes Parabolic

From a very small base, and from a tiny position in world energy supply, the buildout of global solar power is starting to go parabolic. Last year, according to the just released BP Statistical Review (you must access the Excel workbook for solar data), global solar generation nearly doubled to reach 55.7 TWh (terrawatt hours). […]

Harnessing True Solar Energy

Guest Post Have you ever stopped to wonder where the energy you use every day comes from? Most people rarely give it a second thought when they flick on a light, or stop at the pumps to fill up. The few that do tend to trace it back to one of many conversion points. A […]

Energy Choices In The 21st Century

Guest Post by Gillian Cook       The increasing demand for energy is rarely out of the headlines, and it is accompanied by an often bewildering amount of information relating to green energy, and its merits and disadvantages compared with other sources. Here in the UK the energy market is still dominated by production […]