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Going Green: 12 Simple Steps for 2012

  Courtesy: As we head into 2012, many of us will be resolving to lose those few extra pounds, save more money, or spend a few more hours with our families and friends. But there are also some resolutions we can make to make our lives a little greener. Each of us, especially in […]

Clean Energy From Manure

Brian Keane: In Massachusetts, Clean Energy From Manure It’s old news that factory farming is one of the biggest contributors to air, water and land pollution in the United States. In fact, the globe’s growing herds of livestock were recently called the single-biggest … Tweet

Deconstruction, not demolition

Deconstruction, not demolition, by Justin Green of Build It Green … CEC provides energy efficiency & green building solutions to homes and buildings in the NY Metro Area. Tweet

The Changing Face of Masonry

Green Building: The Changing Face of Masonry Innovative, new products have been designed to enhance the traditional beauty and durability of masonry, while creating sustainable solutions for the building professional. Tweet

What Samsung Is Doing to Green Our Gadget Lust

What Samsung Is Doing to Green Our Gadget Lust : TreeHugger What Samsung Is Doing to Green Our Gadget Lust. samsung energy efficiency slide image “Greenovation” is a new buzz word for Samsung, which held a luncheon yesterday in San Francisco to show of what the company is doing to lighten its … Tweet