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Industry, Academia and Union Labor Team Up For Urban Renewal in Philly

Guest Post Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. It’s a mantra we’re becoming used to seeing and hearing virtually everywhere. In addition to the materials and items we use every day, embracing green ideals are now increasingly integrated into many very high profile urban renewal projects. In the City of Brotherly Love for example, the integration […]

Two companies want to bring solar power to schools

by Isaac Riddle Two clean energy companies plan to bring solar power to Philadelphia-area schools while educating students about the benefits of renewable energy. The Philadelphia Solar Schools Initiative, a project of partners Solar States and Clean Currents, plans to install solar panels on the rooftops of 20 schools in and around Philadelphia at no […]

Amazing Glass that Tints on Demand is now Solar Powered

One of the most exciting products from this year’s Greenbuild expo is SageGlass’ solar-powered windows. Sage’s electrocromic windows can be darkened and lightened to filter the sun’s heat and light according to a room’s needs and the inhabitant’s desires. See a full explanation of the technology here. That takes a small amount of energy, which […]

Geothermal Heating System Draws on Limitless Fuel: Sewage

We’re speaking about the gray river of warmth flowing right beneath our feet: sewage. A Philadelphia company, NovaThermal Energy LLC, wants to heat and cool buildings by tapping into the constant, guaranteed heat contained in wastewater. The process is called sewage geothermal. “It’s just like geothermal energy, but we’re using a different well source, so […]

Green Buildings Don’t Have to Be Ugly

Proof that Green Buildings Don’t Have to Be Ugly Or Expensive …     With the green building movement in full swing, it’s about time developers turned out some examples that accounted for aesthetics as well as the environment. Then there was the challenge of making an attractive green home that was affordable too. In […]