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Philips Blazes Nairobi Streets with Solar LED Lights

Dutch multinational electronics company, Philips, has partnered with the Kenyan Urban Roads Authority to install solar-powered LED street lighting in Nairobi. Philips says that, if implemented on a wide scale across the country, the project has the potential to generate up to 100 per cent energy savings. The main goal of the project will be […]

Prototype Solar-powered OLED Sunroof is Window by Day, Light by Night

Transparent OLEDs might not make a lot of sense in televisions, but what about putting them in your car? Philips and chemical company BASF have developed a prototype car roof that combines OLED panels with transparent solar cells. During the day, the roof lets in light from outside, which also charges the solar cells. At […]

LEDs power Times Square ball on New Year’s Eve

Credit: Philips Courtesy: LED lighting will again show off its versatility and efficiency as the light source for the ball drop in Times Square on New Year‘s Eve. In a tradition that started in 1907, a glowing ball will drop to mark the passing into the new year in New York City. Inside the […]