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Chemists Find Key to Manufacturing More Efficient Solar Cells

In a discovery that could have profound implications for future energy policy, Columbia scientists have demonstrated it is possible to manufacture solar cells that are far more efficient than existing silicon energy cells by using a new kind of material, a development that could help reduce fossil fuel consumption. The team, led by Xiaoyang Zhu, […]

How Sun, Salt and Glass Could Help Solve our Energy Needs

It looks like a set from a sci-fi epic, but this solar plant in the scorching Nevada desert has a far more practical purpose… High in the stark Nevada desert, a couple of hundred miles north-west of Las Vegas, is the shimmering circular mirage of Crescent Dunes. Ten thousand silvery glass panes, each measuring 115 […]

Bifacial PV System Shows Large Energy Yield Increase

The first exciting results have emerged from one of the very first BiSoN bifacial module operating systems to be installed: during the first month of exposure (from 27/11 to 23/12) the average yield was 120% greater compared to a standard system, meaning that the bifacial installation produced more than double the amount of energy compared […]

Solar Power’s Relentless Push To Greater Efficiency

By Pete Danko First Solar is apparently inching toward manufacturing some silicon solar products, but that doesn’t mean the company’s bread and butter, cadmium-telluride (CdTe) cells, are taking a back seat. Not if this news is any indication: a new CdTe cell conversion record of 20.4 percent. This beats the old world record of 19.6 […]


Solar panels are becoming more common here in the UK as we attempt to reduce the nation’s carbon emissions and make the move towards a cleaner, greener energy solution. Although we don’t enjoy as much sunshine here as we would like, solar power is still a viable option. Here are some amazing facts about solar […]