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Enphase plug-and-play solar energy storage system to begin pilot program

By: Lynda Delacey An interesting new player is set to enter the emerging home energy storage arena in the shape of the Enphase Home Energy Solution. Enphase is billed as the world’s first integrated system that allows home users to store, monitor and manage their rooftop-generated solar electricity, while controlling their overall electricity consumption. The […]

Australia ‘could become world leader in solar home battery storage’

By: Oliver Milman Energy stored from roof panels could offer the cheapest electricity alternative within three years, Climate Council study says Australia could become a world leader in home battery storage, with the potential for energy stored from solar panels offering the cheapest electricity alternative within just three years, according to a new report. The […]

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California Is Giving Free Solar Panels to the Poor

By: Brian Merchant In California, polluting companies are paying to line the roofs of the disadvantaged with solar panels. It’s not charity, either, exactly—it’s public policy. Very good policy. The San Francisco Chronicle explains how a new program arising from the state’s cap-and-trade law—in which companies must pay, per ton, for their carbon pollution—is delivering […]

Terra Sola Plans $3.5 Billion Solar Power Investment In Egypt

By: Mridul Chadha  Leading solar power project developers are flocking to Egypt’s solar power market, which is set for a massive expansion. Terra Sola has approached the Egyptian government with an intention to invest $3.5 billion to develop solar power projects. Terra Sola CEO David Heimhofer met with the Egyptian Prime Minister and shared his […]

How Do You Know Your Solar Panels Are Working Correctly? You Probably Don’t

By: Katherine Tweed A new study finds that real-time data doesn’t always uncover issues with PV systems. As Brewster McCracken and his team at Pecan Street Research Institute were gathering solar photovoltaic data from houses in their ongoing research, they were surprised by how many PV systems had gaps in their energy production. It was […]