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How Do You Know Your Solar Panels Are Working Correctly? You Probably Don’t

By: Katherine Tweed A new study finds that real-time data doesn’t always uncover issues with PV systems. As Brewster McCracken and his team at Pecan Street Research Institute were gathering solar photovoltaic data from houses in their ongoing research, they were surprised by how many PV systems had gaps in their energy production. It was […]

Indian Railways Plans 1 GW Solar Power Capacity

By: Mridul Chadha Like all other major state-owned companies in India, the Indian Railways has also been tasked with setting up large-scale solar power projects across the country. Indian Railways is planning to set up 1 GW of solar power capacity over the next few years and is currently working on a plan to implement this […]

Japan is planning to Build Huge Floating Solar Power Plants

Japan may be short on free land space, but that’s not stopping them from investing in renewable energy. Solar panel company Kyocera Corp, Century Tokyo Leasing Corp and Ciel Terre have announced (release in Japanese) that they’re teaming up to create two huge floating solar power plants which will be up and running by April […]

How to get renewable energy into the grid — without losing power

The recent review of the Australian Renewable Energy Target has once again raised the issue of the “unreliability” of some renewable power sources such as wind and solar power. Their variability, which arises from the weather or daily and seasonal cycles, leads some to conclude that they will only ever be able to supply a […]

Solar Power Helps Homeowners Slash Energy Bills

(NewsUSA) – Savvy consumers are turning to solar energy to beat the escalating price of electricity. Thanks to technological advances and attractive rebates, home solar-electric systems are more popular and affordable than ever. Last year, Americans installed 792 megawatts of residential solar systems, enough to power the equivalent of more than 130,000 homes. In Southern […]