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Viessmann to Introduce Its Method to Turn Excess Renewable Power into Gas

At Ecobuild 2014 Viessmann will be presenting its power-to-gas solution for addressing the peaks in power generation from weather-dependant renewable energy sources. Viessmann, one of the world’s leading sustainable heating systems manufacturers, believes its model for storing excess power in the gas grid can pave the way for the UK’s successful transition from conventional to […]

Wind Power Makes Fuel For German Gas Grid

For the first time on an industrial scale, hydrogen produced using wind power is being injected into the natural gas grid in Germany. It’s a development that could enhance the value of wind power by making it useful no matter when it is produced. E.On said the P2G unit in Falkenhagan in eastern Germany, operated […]

Wind Power Storage As Hydrogen May Help Renewable Energy

    From EarthTechling’s Pete Danko: The idea of storing excess wind energy as hydrogen is picking up steam in Germany, with a second pilot program popping up — this one from the big power company E.On. But there’s a key difference between the two projects: In Herten, Germany, the company Hydrogenics plans to use […]

Exploiting the US Natural Gas Pipeline’s Hidden Potential

Using Gas Letdown Generators to exploit the US Natural Gas Pipeline’s Hidden Potential By Kirsten Meekins, Buried underground lies an elaborate super highway called the Natural Gas Pipeline Grid. This pipeline distributes natural gas from wellheads into cities, factories and homes. In order for the gas to efficiently move along this pipeline, it must be […]