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California Solar Farms Bring Home-Grown Solar Power

California Solar Farms Bring Home-Grown Solar Power (Exclusive Photos & Video) (via Clean Technica) Sure, we’ve all heard about the skyrocketing growth of solar PV growth in California, including some super large California solar farms. We’ve reported on it here, and on Planetsave. But to see it happening is something else entirely. Riding from… Tweet

Space-based Solar Power Systems a Step Closer to Reality

Image Courtesy: maficstudios Engineering researchers at the University of Strathclyde’s Institute for Energy & Environment are advancing in their part of a multinational project quest to build a space-based solar energy system that could one day be capable of supplying clean, renewable electricity at scales sufficient to power towns and cities anywhere in the world. […]

The Time of Wind Power for Homes Has Come Round Again

Courtesy:  Many years ago, wind power was commonly used for domestic purposes. Don Cervantes tilted at windmills that were being used for domestic purposes. In the British colonial era, wind generators were used to charge batteries that powered radios and allowed people to keep in touch with the powerful wartime speeches of Winston Churchill. […]