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Newly-invented plastic from biomass degrades after use

  Researchers from North Dakota State University (NDSU) have discovered a way to make a new type of plastic that breaks down and degrades when exposed to a specific kind of light, which reduces it back to molecules. The scientists, whose work has been published in Angewandte Chemie, used fructose to create a molecular solution, […]

Colored Plastic Doubles Solar Cell Power

Using plastic to absorb light could lower the cost of solar power. A thin sheet of dyed plastic could cut the cost of solar power, particularly for applications that require solar cells to be highly efficient and flexible. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are using the plastic to gather sunlight and concentrate […]

Go Green and Save Our Planet with these 4 Windows Phone Apps

Of all the colours representing one social movement or the other, green is one of the most popular. Thinking green and living with an environmental consciousness is the “in” thing to do these days, and with Earth Day a month away, here are 4 apps to help your Windows Phone join the eco-movement. Battery Saver […]

Innovative Eco-Entrepreneur helps Nation Reduce Single-use Plastic

  LARKSPUR, CA— About one billion tons of petroleum-based plastic has been discarded since the 1950s and remains on our earth while more still continues to be manufactured.  Billions of individual pieces all add up, and the toxic effects on the food chain in the oceans, and leachate from landfill into our groundwater are becoming well […]

Clothes Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles?

Today people are starting to shop in a new frame of mind. No longer is our economy about buying more and having more, it is about being more and enjoying more. What this means is that people are being more careful with their money, striving to purchase things that will make their lives better, while […]