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Just What is Alternative Energy?

Alternative Energy is according to certain people either Solar or Wind generated electricity and that’s it, and they shamelessly promote these two as the ‘only’ alternative energies. I now think they are actually right, but their method is wrong, in fact their method is economic suicide actually.

The way they want it done is hundreds of thousands of acres of prime farm land is to be covered with Solar Arrays and or Wind Turbines, one paper I read actually said that it would “only take 4 million square miles of Solar arrays to replace all of North Americas base load power”, that is close to

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Largest Wind R&D Study Underway at NREL

Strong winds are a common research partner for scientists working at NREL’s National Wind Technology Center (NWTC). Recently, those gusting Colorado winds helped usher in a new milestone for wind technology research and development. NREL and Siemens Power Generation “flipped the switch” starting the blades on a Siemens 2.3 megawatt wind turbine installed as part of a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) for testing turbine aerodynamics, structure and reliability.

“The state-of-the-art wind turbine you see before us

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Magma Energy heats up geothermal with $87M IPO

Canadian geothermal power company Magma Energy has raised C$100 million ($87 million) from investors in an initial public offering. The company has one operating power plant in Nevada, four advanced-stage exploration properties and 14 early-stage exploration properties in the western United States and South America. Magma sold 66.667 million shares at C$1.50 each, in a […]

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Could Our Homes be Safely Powered by Nuclear Energy?

The Hyperion Power Module When you think of the Hyperion Power Module (HPM), you can discard much of what know about nuclear power. Hyperion is different. Think Big Battery… Like a battery, the HPM is a compact, transportable unit with no moving internal parts. It’s not to be opened once distributed from the factory. Once […]

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Tidal Power

Tidal Energy works on the same fundamental principal as the water wheel. In the case of tidal energy, however, the difference in water elevation is caused by the difference between high and low tides. The technology involves building a dam, or barrage, across an estuary to block the incoming tide, the outgoing tide, or both. […]

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