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Elon Musk Reveals the Staggering Scale of Tesla’s Puerto Rico Solar Projects

Tesla is not standing still.   By: Mike Brown Tesla is bringing power to Puerto Rico. The territory has been working to rebuild its energy infrastructure after a series of hurricanes last year, with Tesla’s solar energy efforts playing a big role in this recovery effort. On Sunday, CEO Elon Musk revealed the company is currently working on […]

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Musk Hints at 1 GW Battery as Tesla Solar Power Installations Fall Further

The company’s energy generation and storage division set a record of $410 million in revenue during Q1, but solar power fell to 2013 deployment levels. By: John Weaver Tesla has continued to grow its energy storage business, but is also seeing a continued slide in slow solar power deployments per its First Quarter 2018 update. The company […]

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Batteries Full of Renewable Energy Could Spell the End for Fossil Fuels

Commercial and domestic battery storage is on the rise, moving energy off the grid and into our homes By: Oliver Bennett After the UK government’s scrapping of renewable-energy subsidies in 2016, it sometimes seems as if green-energy initiatives were in retreat. In fact, the opposite is true: in 2017, the renewables sector was up eight […]

Brilliant Harvest — Artistic Florida Solar Installer & Tesla Powerwall Installer

By: Cynthia Shahan I met Bill Johnson, founder of Brilliant Harvest, at the EcoFriendlyFloridaFest and then spoke with him again at National Drive Electric Day a few weeks ago. He is knowledgeable, easygoing, and up to date on all things solar. He offers pleasant passion for renewable energy as a provider who knows his work both technically and creatively. […]

Queensland installs Australia’s first Powerwall battery for Solar Trial

Energex, which is owned by the state government, launches a 12-month trial of solar batteries to investigate ways to integrate them into electricity supply A Queensland government-owned power company has installed the country’s first solar battery storage system from Tesla as it begins a year-long trial into how it can reward consumers who cut their […]