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Could Earth’s infrared emissions be a new renewable energy source?

By Grant Banks     Could it one day be possible to generate electricity from the loss of heat from Earth to outer space? A group of Harvard engineers believe so and have theorized something of a reverse photovoltaic cell to do just this. The key is using the flow of energy away from our […]

Earth’s Infrared Radiation: New Renewable Energy Frontier?

By Prachi Patel   The Earth continuously emits 100 million gigawatts of infrared heat into outer space. That’s enough to power all of humanity many thousands of times over. Capturing even a fraction of that would mean an end to our energy woes. Harvard University researchers are now proposing a way to harvest this untapped […]

The Best Place for Solar Power is … New Jersey?

New study says it’s not about the best light, but where solar and wind can do the most good. The Arizona desert may enjoy nearly endless sun, but is it the really best place for solar panels? Maybe not. A new study suggests that cloudier New Jersey is actually the state that will get the […]