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Like AirBnB for solar power, Yeloha lets you use other people’s rooftops for energy

By: Kelly Hodgkins Boston-based startup Yeloha has a novel idea for expanding solar power in cities — sharing. We already share apartments, cars, and bikes, so why not solar panels, too. Instead of using a central solar source like SolarPerks, Yeloha crowdsources the technology by connecting individuals together and encouraging them to share in the […]

Tesla’s New Battery Could Solve One of Solar Power’s Biggest Problems

By: Alissa Walker So far, specific details are thin on the new battery designed for home use that Tesla’s announcing next week. But just based on what we do know, it’s a pretty big deal. The quest for a good battery that can store home-generated power is kind of like the holy grail for a […]

Solar Power for Your Home – A Bright Idea

By Chase Ezell Homeowners looking to lower their utility bill and environmental footprint are finding a bright idea in solar power generation. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Americans added more solar power generating capacity during the third quarter of 2013 than ever before – 186 megawatts, up almost 50% year over year! Increased […]

3 Reasons Germans are Going Renewable ‘At All Costs’

Germany is racing past 20 percent renewable energy on its electricity grid, but news stories stridently warn that this new wind and solar power is costing “billions.” But often left out (or buried far from the lede) is the overwhelming popularity of the country’s relentless focus on energy change 1. It’s about the cost, not […]

Australia Retains Renewable Energy Target

Despite efforts by some Australian utility companies and industry groups to see Australia’s Renewable Energy Targets (RET) wound back, the government has decided to maintain them. Utilities are having an impact elsewhere, with fixed electricity prices set to increase to ensure solar households pay “their share” of electricity infrastructure costs. Energy policy in Australia has […]