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Food Cowboy

Forty Percent of the food we grow ends up in landfills, so here comes an ex-trucker with an idea to deliver truckloads of “refused food” into the hands of people who can really use a good meal. Courtesy: Tweet

Make it a Green Halloween

Have you ever thought about how much we waste during Halloween? Purchasing costumes that our kids will only wear once, individually wrapped candies that are thrown in the trash, and those poor pumpkins that are tossed in the bin after their big night is over. Let’s remember that Halloween isn’t really about the candy. Kids […]

Mother Nature’s Plan

As greenhouse gases continue to pour into the atmosphere, industrial polluters could learn a thing or two from the lowly sea urchin, at least as far as turning CO2 into something useful. Once again, Mother Nature knows best Courtesy: Tweet

Greenest Skyscraper Ever?

It may be the greenest skyscraper ever built, but the most important thing to the people who work in it will be the feeling of sitting on a park bench, enjoying the breeze! Courtesy: Tweet

The Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer

Never requiring batteries, this is the cat toy that moves when struck by sunlight, simulating the behavior of prey to tantalize felines for hours. Named a Best Cat Product of the Year by Cat Fancy magazine, the toy affixes to a window or glass door with industrial-grade suction cups that resist even the strongest tug […]