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10 Green Halloween Tips

Decorations. Instead of buying materials for decorations, gather supplies, arts and crafts throughout the year. Examples include: Turn stockings with runs into spider-webbing Paint foam peanuts (packing materials) and turn them into worms Clean Styrofoam and make Halloween masks Turn cardboard boxes into tombstones Make other creative decorations from netting from bags of oranges, cotton […]

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Recycling and Waste Removal In Australia

Modern society is full of conveniences; many of those conveniences create massive amounts of waste. This waste must go somewhere and be processed, or simply wait in a landfill where it piles up over time. Some of the worst culprits are plastic water bottles, and single serve coffee containers which are becoming such a problem […]

Online Green Directory

Billy from has setup a searchable online directory/catalog for green websites. check it out here Tweet

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