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5,500 U.S. Schools Use Solar Power, and That’s Growing as Costs Fall, Study Shows

As renewable energy prices drop, schools are saving millions, while teaching students about technology. Their solar capacity has nearly doubled in three years. By: Lyndsey Gilpin In a field behind an elementary school in rural Middlesex County, Virginia, near the Chesapeake Bay, an ambitious plan has been taking shape: Schools Superintendent Peter Gretz and other […]

California Set to Eclipse Renewable Energy Target

By: Peter Miller California has consistently set the bar high when it comes to climate action, and in the case of renewable energy, the state has consistently over-performed. The latest report from the California Public Utilities Commission shows that major utilities have already met or will soon exceed the state’s renewable energy target of 33 percent clean […]

Costa Rica’s Electricity Has Run Entirely on Renewables For 300 Days in 2017

A new record, with weeks to go before the year is up. By: Peter Dockrill Costa Rica has done it again. In January, the Central American country announced it had powered its electricity for a stunning 250 days in 2016 without burning fossil fuels. Now its 2017 effort has already eclipsed that feat – and it’s still […]

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This Renewable ‘Instant Coal’ Could Be The Fuel of The Future

It’s highly efficient. By: David Nield The world is shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy in a big way right now, but a group of scientists has come up with a new kind of material that works like a renewable substitute for coal. This ‘instant coal’ biofuel brings the high energy efficiency of coal without the […]

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Solar Compass Points Way to Renewable Energy

By: Dale Bass It may look like a compass, but the solar installation at Thompson Rivers University is designed to do more. Ultimately, said Michael Mehta, it could point the way to integrating charging strips in roadways that could charge electric vehicles as they are being driven. For now, however, the solar compass outside the Arts […]