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Scotland Produces Record Amount of Energy From Renewables

Green schemes generate two-thirds of electricity as Nation beats rest of UK with 68.1 per cent of energy needs met without fossil fuels By: Jane Dalton Scotland has become a world leader in sourcing its electricity from renewables, after a record year in 2017 for creating eco-friendly energy, figures show. The nation got more than two-thirds – 68.1 […]

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Renewables + Hydrogen = Industry Reimagined

By: Phil O’Neil Hydrogen has been closely associated with key aspects of the new energy transition for many years. Its properties as a storage medium and energy carrier make it a key point in any serious discussion about energy storage, and its consequent role in increasing renewable penetration in energy generation, transmission and distribution. Hydrogen fuel […]

How Drones Are Lowering the Cost of Clean Energy

By: Katie Fehrenbacher Hundreds of feet above a snow-covered field, a boxy black device covered in propellers hovers next to the enormous outstretched blade of a wind turbine. From a corner of the machine, a nozzle sprays a liquid across the surface of the blade in a rapid smooth zigzag motion like a rogue car wash […]

Arsenal FC Using 100% Renewable Energy Via Startup That Aims To Shake-Up U.K. Market

By: Gaurav Sharma  On the pitch things are not going terribly well for Arsenal Football Club, one of the U.K.’s elite soccer outfits and a global brand, as it languishes outside the English Premier League competition’s top four. However, off it, the club has become a different kind of a trailblazer winning plaudits for a signature […]

Sacramento Airport Installs SMA Inverters Harness Solar Energy

Sacramento International Airport (SMF) has installed a photovoltaic (PV) system to harness solar energy in an effort to advance its sustainability. Solar technology company SMA has provided the photovoltaics to the US airport. The 7.9 MW project, using SMA’s inverters, has been implemented across a 15-acre land parcel near the airport’s economy parking lot, as […]

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