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Wind Powered All of Scotland in October and Other Renewable Success Stories

The Trump strategy of slapping penalties on these technologies and giving fossil fuels subsidies has a very limited shelf life By: Juan Cole Wind and solar keep falling in price—each fell 6 percent in 2016. That fall was not as big as the two previous years, but there is every reason to expect price drops much bigger […]

Scotland Sets ‘Landmark’ Target on Renewable Energy

Scotland is aiming to become one of the world’s leading low-carbon nations by setting a “landmark” target of meeting half its energy needs through renewable sources by the end of the next decade. The aim, set out by the Scottish Government as part of its draft energy strategy on Tuesday, met with cross party approval […]

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Chile Has So Much Solar Energy It’s Giving It Away for Free

By: Vanessa Dezem, Javiera Quiroga Spot prices reached zero for 113 days this year through April Solar power on Chile’s central grid quadrupled since 2013 Chile’s solar industry has expanded so quickly that it’s giving electricity away for free. Spot prices reached zero in parts of the country on 113 days through April, a number […]