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A Roomba For Solar Panels That Keeps the Sun Shining Through

Sinfonia Technology Co Ltd announced Nov 26, 2013, that it has developed a robot that autonomously moves around and cleans solar panels at mega-solar (large-scale solar) power plants. Equipped with a battery, it cleans solar panels with a rotary brush and wiper while automatically moving on them and sprinkling washing water stored in its tank. […]

Monorail-Riding Robots Could Continually Rearrange Solar Panels to Follow the Sun

Monorail Rider Robots riding along monorails could arrange solar panels to follow the path of the sun, which a new startup claims would be cheaper and simpler than designing adjustable solar panels. Qbotix Fleets of battery-powered robots could zip along monorails installed in solar arrays, tweaking individual panels’ angles so they follow the sun across […]

Robot-Installed Solar Panels Cut Costs by 50%

Solar panels are obeying the will of Moore’s Law by getting ever cheaper and more efficient. What’s not getting cheaper or more efficient is the human labor required to install them. This keeps the cost of going solar higher than us duck-squeezing envirinmintl types would like, but robots are busy coming to our rescue by […]