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Bill Makes Solar Power a Smart Move for Homeowners

By: Jaye Watson ATLANTA — “Welcome to our most favorite asset of our house,” Rutherford Seydel said. Most people don’t do interviews on the roof of their house, but to Seydel and his wife, Laura Turner Seydel, showing off their solar power system is one way to celebrate the passage of House Bill 57. Called […]

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Free Panels Place Solar Power Within Reach for Kiwis

By: Tess McClure Solar panels will be a more common sight on kiwi rooftops as free panels are offered for those committing to buying the energy. Energy firm Solarcity has announced a nationwide scheme where home owners can get solar panels installed on their roof for free, if they then buy the energy it produces. […]

Could the Recent Fire in South Jersey Spell Doom for Rooftop Solar Panels?

Guest Post Recently in South Jersey, a fire decimated a deli cold storage facility as firefighters were held back from attacking the blaze from the roof. The fear that personal injury would be sustained spurned from the 7000 solar panels that had lined the rooftop and were producing electricity. As the building was destroyed by […]

Elegant Green Roof Biomass Building Slashes School Energy Bill

The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut, has made an undeniably compelling case for biomass energy. By replacing its outdated oil-burning boiler with a squeaky clean wood-chip biomass burner in the Biomass Heating Facility, the boarding school has reduced its winter energy bill by $350,000 and slashed its carbon footprint between 35% and 45%. Not to […]

Recent Solar Panel Adopter Sees Success in Eliminating Electric Bill

Helen Palmer installed solar panels on the roof of her home in 2012. And since then, basically, she hasn’t seen an electric bill. In fact, when last she checked, she had a credit of nearly $43 on her bill. She hasn’t paid off her initial investment, but she’s making progress. Thanks to incentives and growing […]