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UK green energy supplier sees jump in profits as customers abandon big utilities

UK-based green energy supplier Ecotricity recently celebrated passing the 100,000 customer mark, saying it had grown 40% in just one year. And it’s not alone. The Guardian’s Jennifer Rankin reports that Good Energy, Ecotricity’s main rival in the UK’s deregulated energy market, also saw a major jump in profits, with customer numbers rising 32% in […]

RWE Tests Storage for Wind Power

German utility RWE Power is to test a Siemens-designed system aimed at storing energy from wind generation. The electrolysis system will use power to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen can be used to produce methane for storage, which can then be redeployed later for power or heat generation. Testing is due to […]

Backfilling Nuclear Shutdowns With Efficiency And Renewables In Japan, Germany And California?

Electric utilities and policymakers in Japan and Germany have been scrambling for months to find ways to compensate for nuclear power plants shut down in the aftermath of Fukushima. In both instances, fossil fuels are part of the stopgap solution to offset the declines in nuclear generation in the short term, but longer-term energy policies […]