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Samsung Solar Powered Internet Schools

By Edwin Kee Samsung does not only churn out some pretty nifty smartphones that reside on the high end side of things like the Galaxy S6, but they have also introduced several measures and initiatives that do benefit mankind overall. For instance, it has been over the course of several years that the South Korean […]

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Firm bets solar phone screens will be the answer to slow-moving battery tech

Regular readers of ExtremeTech know that battery tech always seems to be standing just at the base of a mountain of progress, but can never quite start the climb. There are always new advancements, but never ones that seem like they’ll be put into consumer products anytime soon. So, it may be time to look […]

Samsung Develops 15 KVA Solar Power Generator For Africa

VENTURES AFRICA- As part of its “Built For Africa” product initiative, electronics and mobile phone giant Samsung, has manufactured a solar powered generator equivalent of a 15 KVA diesel plant, to alleviate electricity infrastructure problems on the continent. At the 2013 Sam­sung Africa Forum in Cape Town, South Africa,where the eco-friendly product was unveiled, Ntutule […]

Romania to Produce More Solar than Nuclear Power in 2016

BUCHAREST – Solar power will eclipse nuclear energy in 2016 in Romania if investment in photovoltaic plants continues at the current pace, official figures released on Monday showed. “We expect the installed capacity of solar plants to reach 50 to 100 MW at the end of 2012, 500 to 1,000 MW at the end of […]

Samsung Supplies Solar Powered Internet Schools For South Africa

Samsung/Promo image Samsung is supplying solar powered internet schools, and the kids are excited, calling it “purely greatness, happily madness.” Samsung describes it as” exclusively solar-powered, mobile and completely independent classroom that is geared towards increasing accessibility to education and connectivity across Africa“. Designboom shows this one is in Phomolong, near Johannesburg. It was the […]