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SunPower offers batteries to hold homes’ solar power until night

By Ehren Goossens Bloomberg News SunPower Corp., the second-largest U.S. solar manufacturer, is offering energy-storage systems to California homeowners that will power houses at night with electricity generated from sunlight during the day. The company is testing systems that combine rooftop solar panels with battery storage in new homes built by KB Home, San Jose, […]

Low-Income Rooftop Solar Program Helping Hundreds of California Families

Junko Movellan     San Diego, Calif. — In June 2012, the Sunrise Powerlink, a 117-mile, 500-kilovolt transmission line, was completed after years of review, permitting processes and controversies. San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) developed the line to facilitate the development and generation of renewable energy in the Imperial Valley, California’s southwest desert, and […]

Portable Power Center Wind Turbine Fits into a Shipping Container

Wind turbines have the potential to be very useful in providing renewable power to remote communities which have little or no infrastructure. Unfortunately, larger turbines tend to require a relatively involved set-up, with specialist gear needed to construct and maintain the turbines. The Portable Power Center (PPC) by Uprise Energy innovates in this regard by […]

Future of Technology – Map Shows when Solar Power is a Bargain

By John Roach In 2013, the cost of solar power in San Diego will be cheaper than electricity from the local utility grid, according the predictions of an energy policy analyst who created a handy graphic to illustrate when so-called grid parity will be achieved. Sam Mircovich / Reuters A prototype sun tracking solar panel made […]

Renewable Energy – Microgrids and Energy Storage

Courtesy: The role of microgrids are becoming a hot topic lately. Their importance is highlighted with each blackout of the utility grid (e.g. recent September 8th blackout in Arizona & San Diego). The earlier reported Colorado Energy Park to include Energy Storage is one such example. By definition, microgrids can continue to operate despite […]