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GE Uses Supercomputer to Model More Efficient Wind Turbines

Wind is among the most efficient renewable energy sources. Still, there’s always room for improvement, and researchers are always trying to increase the power output of wind turbines. Now, researchers at GE Global Research are analyzing ways to boost wind turbine productivity by 2 percent. Given that 240GW of new wind installations is projected globally […]

Inventor Claims Solar Energy Discovery that is Game-Changer

In a U.S. patent application, a Maryland man says his breakthrough will end the planet’s reliance on fossil fuel. By GREG GORDON — STATESMAN WASHINGTON BUREAU WASHINGTON – Ronald Ace says that his flat-panel “Solar Traps,” which could be used in electric power plants, will shatter decades-old scientific and technological barriers that have stymied efforts […]

A Solution to Solar Power Intermittency

Converting methane to an alternative fuel using energy from the sun could reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. Burning natural gas emits about half as much carbon dioxide as burning coal, but it still produces large amounts of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. A novel device being developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) could reduce […]

PanelClaw Solar Company Seeks to Reduce Solar Power Soft Costs

The global solar installation company PanelClaw has just announced a new initiative to reduce the cost of a solar power installation, and it’s taking an interesting tack. The company has come up with a package that streamlines some of the “soft cost” factors involved in a typical rooftop solar installation, enabling its installation partners to […]