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These Giant Singing Flowers are also Creating Solar Power

In Seattle, artist Dan Corson has partnered with the city to create this installation of solar panels that look like giant flowers, right out of a Dr. Seuss book. The project is called Sonic Bloom. designboom writes: created on behalf of seattle city light’s green up program, which supports the development of renewable energy systems, […]

Caltech Wins Toilet Challenge

Graduate student Clement Cid with the Caltech team’s solar-powered toilet. Credit: Caltech/Michael Hoffmann Caltech’s solar-powered toilet has won the Reinventing the Toilet Challenge issued by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Caltech engineer Michael Hoffmann and his colleagues were awarded $100,000 for their design, which they demonstrated at the Reinvent the Toilet Fair, a two-day […]

Seattle’s Silver Bullitt: A New Office Building Goes Ultra-Green

How can a six-story, 50,000-sq.-ft. office building in downtown Seattle function completely off the grid? The answer involves solar panels for energy, geothermal wells for heat, a giant rain cistern for water and composting toilets for keeping sewage out of everything else. The toilets were just installed at the Bullitt Center, which is set to […]

The Single Best Energy Upgrade You Can Make to Your Seattle Home This Year

With new tax incentives offered by the Federal Government, it pays to look at ways to improve the energy efficiencies in colder environments like Seattle. Depending on your budget, the age of the home and the condition of your furnace or heating appliances, there could be many different ways to improve your home’s heating and […]

Future of Technology – Map Shows when Solar Power is a Bargain

By John Roach In 2013, the cost of solar power in San Diego will be cheaper than electricity from the local utility grid, according the predictions of an energy policy analyst who created a handy graphic to illustrate when so-called grid parity will be achieved. Sam Mircovich / Reuters A prototype sun tracking solar panel made […]