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Las Vegas Flips Switch on Enormous Solar Power Project

With the action of Tom Perrigo “flipping the switch” on their newfound solar panel installation, city officials are celebrating for the installation would help provide energy to a nearby wastewater treatment plant. The ground-mounted panels have been tightly packed on 25-acres of city-owned land near Vegas Valley Drive and Nellis Boulevard. This site had previously […]

SOLAR POWER: Water District to Save on Energy Costs

Western Municipal Water District is installing 4,000 solar panels at its operations center near Lake Mathews. (WMWD photo) In its second venture into solar power, Western Municipal Water District has started construction on a field of 4,000 solar panels that will provide much of the electricity needed to run its El Sobrante operations center near […]

Geothermal Heating System Draws on Limitless Fuel: Sewage

We’re speaking about the gray river of warmth flowing right beneath our feet: sewage. A Philadelphia company, NovaThermal Energy LLC, wants to heat and cool buildings by tapping into the constant, guaranteed heat contained in wastewater. The process is called sewage geothermal. “It’s just like geothermal energy, but we’re using a different well source, so […]

Hancock Solar Power Facility to go Online in early January

Zebulon Hull stands beside one of five rows of solar panels at the Hancock Sewage Treatment Plant. The solar panels are expected to begin generating power in the next few weeks. (By Don Aines, Staff Writer) Hundreds of blue photovoltaic solar panels stand on a gentle slope outside Hancock, not quite ready to begin supplying […]

San Diego to Generate Energy From Waste Methane Gas

San Diego Project Taps New England Fuel Cell Company to Generate Energy From Waste Methane Gas Tweet