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Israeli Firm Says It Can Keep Solar Power Plants Running At Night

Ari Rabinovitch, Reuters Germany’s President Christian Wulff, right, and Avi Brenmiller wear protection glasses during a visit to Brenmiller’s Siemens’ solar receiver production plant in Beit Shemesh. An Israeli solar power company, Brenmiller Energy, says it has developed a new, more efficient way to store heat from the sun that could give a boost to […]

Wind-turbine designers are warming up to an alternative to the three-bladed rotors

By Peter Fairley Several major wind-power companies are testing a departure from the industry’s standard three-bladed turbine design by dropping one of the three blades and spinning the rotor 180 degrees to face downwind. The design presents engineering challenges, but the hope is that it could greatly improve the economics of offshore wind power. By […]

Siemens receives 97-MW wind power order in Peru

By Nic Sharpley   Cobra Energia has awarded Siemens Energy another order to expand its onshore wind power fleet in Peru by 97 megawatts (MWs). The Tres Hermanas wind power plant includes a combination of 25 direct drive SWT-3.0-108 wind turbines and eight geared SWT-2.3-108 units. The contract also includes six years of service and […]

Siemens Shutters “Solar Power Tower” Business

Ever since the first inkling of a thought by an oil or natural gas industry executive that one day the world might run out of fossil fuel-based resources, he and his research team have been spending billions of dollars, devising ways meters might be attached to renewable energy resources. One of the first and most […]

Sea Installer – The Enormous Ocean Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

Technological progress advances our ability to build bigger and badder machines. A recent example is Sea Installer, part of the next generation of powerful wind turbine installation vessels that are capable of moving and installing multiple turbines quickly. Sea Installer was built by German tech giant Siemens AG together with A2SEA. Sea Installer is a […]