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Solar Power Could Be A Total Game-Changer

It’s very easy to hype solar, which we’ve been doing for much of the year. Capacity is irrefutably going up, and prices are collapsing. However, the absolute capacity figures remain relatively low compared with conventional generation. And in most cases, even large-scale solar is still not cost competitive with traditional sources of electricity. There’s basically […]

Wind turbine ‘Innovation Center’ launches in South Carolina

New facility boasts world’s largest wind turbine drivetrain testing capabilities. Duke Energy, together with SCE&G, joined Clemson University on November 21 to dedicate what is claimed to be the world’s most-advanced energy systems testing and research center. The SCE&G Energy Innovation Center, located at the Clemson University Restoration Institute (CURI) campus, is capable of full-scale, […]

OnStar’s Smart Grid Gets Smarter with Solar Power

OnStar provides roadside assistance, monitors your family, and gives turn-by-turn directions. And now it can charge an electric vehicle. By teaming up with TimberRock Energy Solutions Inc., OnStar will realize the first “real world” use of their Smart Grid system: using aggregation software and solar charging canopies with integrated storage to manage the flow of […]

A ‘Smart Grid’ for Mexico?

(From: Smart Grids Flanders) With regard to Mexico’s energy sector, the incorporation of a smart grid into its current electric system is of extreme importance and it is for this reason that the agreement signed this week between the CRE (Energy Regulating Commission) and the USTDA (U.S. Trade and Development Agency) is of such transcendental […]

Is Renewable Energy a Priority for Smart Grid Integration?

If you think ’smart grid’, then a number of features come to mind. From connecting electricity providers to consumers and monitoring energy flow to harnessing the technology for transport networks, the overall objective of smart grids is to improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of devices that rely on electricity. If the efficiency of devices […]