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The Dutch Are Testing LED Crosswalk Lines to Prevent Pedestrians From Getting Run Over

When your nose is buried in a smartphone while crossing busy city streets, you’re going to get hit by a car. To limit that, a Dutch city is testing a system that lights up a line on the ground informing pedestrians when it is safe to cross the street. Together with HIG Traffic Systems, the […]

Display of Kyocera’s smartphone prototype soaks up solar power

By Eric Mack Kyocera likes to position itself as a maker of smartphones that can go anywhere, with ruggedized, waterproof devices like the Bear Grylls-endorsed Brigadier. Building on that reputation, the company is showing a new solar-powered prototype that can also charge anywhere, so long as it’s not too dark or cloudy. This week at […]

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Next Year, Your Smartphone Might Actually Charge Itself Using Solar Power

Tired of budgeting how much time you spend using your smartphone? Wouldn’t it be great if smartphones could just simply recharge themselves? Well, perhaps as soon as next year, they will. That’s the tentative time frame that French startup SunPartner Technologies hopes to finally bring to the consumer market its Wysips Crystal technology, which overlays […]

The Electree+, A Solar-Powered, Induction Charging Bonsai Tree Hits Kickstarter

Induction charging seems ready for its time in the spotlight, with the Nexus 4, Droid DNA and Lumia 920 all shipping with wireless charging based on the Qi standard built-in. Now a concept design that offers solar-powered wireless charging cleverly hidden inside a futuristic looking bonsai tree hopes to become a reality with the help […]

iPhone Apps that Promote a Greener Lifestyle

Guest Post Smartphones are nifty for listening to music, playing word games, and taking vintage photos, but did you know that they can also benefit green initiatives? There are great apps out there designed to inform and connect smartphone users over environmental and energy saving issues. These apps do their part to help people become […]