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For Every $1 The US Put into Adding Renewable Energy Last Year, China Put in $3

By: Echo Huang China, the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, is determined to rebalance its energy mix, and incorporate more clean energy. That determination is reflected in the money it put into renewable energy last year, dwarfing spending by the next biggest investor, the US. Last year nearly half of the world’s new renewable energy investment of $279.8 […]

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Target Remains the Largest Adopter of On-Site Corporate Solar Power

The company added 43 MW last year, placing it well ahead of Walmart and Prologis. Overall installations at 4,000 companies tracked by SEIA grew slightly to 326 MW last year. By: CHRISTIAN ROSELUND There are no major surprises in the 6th edition of Solar Means Business, Solar Energy Industries Association’s (SEIA) annual report on corporate adoption at […]

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Add Cow Manure to Your List of Renewable Energy Sources

By: Jim Efstathiou Jr. The average Holstein cow produces over 100 pounds of manure a day. It’s a lot of poop. It’s also a lot of potential power. On some farms, that energy is already being collected: The manure’s tossed into an anaerobic digester system where gas concentrates and then has to be stripped of water, […]

Oil-Rich Saudi Arabia is Spending Billions on Renewable Energy

Saudi Arabia is known for its oil and sun-soaked deserts. In a move to secure the kingdom’s financial future, its name could soon become synonymous with renewable energy. According to the New York Times, Prince Mohammed bin Salman decided that Saudi energy company ACWA Power would spearhead the creation of a $300 million solar farm capable of powering […]

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Developer Makes 10 Community Solar Predictions For 2018

From an evolving market structure to technology innovation, the U.S. community solar landscape is transforming quickly. What does this mean for 2018? Colorado-based Clean Energy Collective(CEC), a national community solar developer and solutions provider, forecasts what is on the horizon for the sector and offers 10 predictions for the coming year. “We are inspired by the […]