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NREL Develops Switchable Solar Window

By: Robin Whitlock The new windows rely on advanced materials such as perovskites and single-walled carbon nanotubes. The technology responds to heat by transforming from transparent to tinted and as the window darkens, it generates electricity. The colour change is driven by molecules of methylamine that are reversibly absorbed into the device. When solar energy […]

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Butterfly Wings Inspire a Better Way to Absorb Light in Solar Panels

Taking Inspiration From Nature By: Angela Chen The wings of a butterfly have inspired a new type of solar cell that can harvest light twice as efficiently as before and could one day improve our solar panels. Solar panels are usually made of thick solar cells, and are positioned at an angle to get the most […]

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Marriage Made in Sunlight: Invention Merges Solar with Liquid Battery

As solar cells produce a greater proportion of total electric power, a fundamental limitation remains: the dark of night when solar cells go to sleep. Lithium-ion batteries, the commonplace batteries used in everything from hybrid vehicles to laptop computers, are too expensive a solution to use on something as massive as the electric grid. Song […]

Solar Panel Glass Made From Wood?

We’ve seen all sorts of novel materials used to create solar cells and batteries, but here’s a new one for a different component – wood as glass facing for solar panels. Solar panel glass doesn’t get much attention in the media; but it’s a very important component of a module. Poor quality glass can discolour […]

MIT Creates Solar Cells that are as Light as a Soap Bubble

By: Julie M. Rodriguez A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has unveiled the lightest, thinnest solar cells in existence — so lightweight and flexible that they can be placed on top of a soap bubble without popping it. The breakthrough came about when researchers realized they could create the solar cell, the substrate […]