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A Paper-Thin Solar Panel Can Charge Your Phone on the Go

By: Bryan Lufkin Solar panels keep getting lighter and tinier—good news for rugged on-the-go types who can charge their devices on the trail with sun-fueled chargers. And this particular solar charger on Kickstarter is so thin, you can slip it in your Lonely Planet while it feeds your phone battery. It’s called Solar Paper: 7.5 […]

Solar Charging Tent Means You Can Never Get Away From Gadgets

Camping used to be all about getting away from the clutter of our increasingly connected lives. But then electronic devices became “mobile”, which it turns out means “magnetically attracted to our thumbs,” and solar charging was a necessity. Now Eddie Bauer (the company) is making a tent with a built in solar charger, and Eddie […]

Gizmos & Gadgets: New Solar Powered Window Outlet

Introducing the Window Socket concept, a solar charger that adheres to windows with suction and acts like an electrical socket converting energy from the Sun. Its inventors are Kyuho Song and Boa Oh, two industrial designers. Each Window Socket contains a 1,000 milliamp- hour battery, equivalent to the battery in your smartphone. The built-in battery […]

Booster Brolly is Unlikely Team of Solar Panels + Antenna

If there are two concepts that don’t seem to belong together in any way, it’s umbrellas and solar chargers. In reality, you can only need one of those things at a time. But British telecom company Vodafone is, for some reason, putting these two together in a gadget they call the Booster Brolly. The umbrella […]

Solar-Powered Ski Lift, Cleaner Airplane Toilets

Tiny Tenna, Switerland, nestled in the mountains between Chur and the Via Mala in the canton of Graubünden has erected one of the first solar-powered ski lifts. Theirs is unique with solar panels lining the liftline. And, knowing the mountain roads and steep terrain in this part of Switzerland, I’m not sure that tourists winding […]