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More Va. Schools Benefiting From Clean Renewable Energy

By: Kathy Stewart WASHINGTON — It’s like a giant science experiment that teaches students how solar energy works. Dominion Energy’s “Solar for Students” program was introduced three years ago at four Virginia schools, including T. Clay Wood Elementary School in Prince William County. With the success of the program, it has now expanded to more schools, […]

For MIT Students Installing Solar Panels, It’s a Way to Give Back

By: Steve Scauzillo PASADENA — Meital Hoffman squinted from the searing sunlight, then moved quickly into the shade. As one of 12 engineering students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she’s spending spring break soaking up the sun but in a totally different way than most of her college classmates. The MIT students were helping […]

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Using Solar Power to Bring Clean Drinking Water to Remote Areas

By: William Weir Using solar energy and nanoparticles to make saltwater drinkable, researchers from Yale and Rice University have developed a system that could potentially be used off-grid in remote areas or in domestic settings. The system, known as nanophotonics-enabled solar membrane distillation (NESMD), incorporates a porous membrane with carbon black nanoparticles. The nanoparticles use sunlight […]

How Drones Are Lowering the Cost of Clean Energy

By: Katie Fehrenbacher Hundreds of feet above a snow-covered field, a boxy black device covered in propellers hovers next to the enormous outstretched blade of a wind turbine. From a corner of the machine, a nozzle sprays a liquid across the surface of the blade in a rapid smooth zigzag motion like a rogue car wash […]

Japan is 2 Years Away From a Solar Power Revolution

Cheap filmlike panels will be able to attach themselves to cars and walls By: Takuro Kusashio TOKYO — A new type of solar cell that is thin like plastic film and cheap to produce is expected to hit the market within the next two years. The perovskite solar cell is expected to become a standard […]

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