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Creating a New Way to Store Solar Energy

By: Robbie Harris The solar energy industry is getting better and better at producing power at lower cost than ever before but storing that energy for a rainy day remains a major roadblock. Batteries have their limitations, but scientists at Virginia Tech are taking a cue from how nature’s plants store energy. Plants are actually nature’s storage systems for […]

Is The Energy-Storing Solar Cell Soon To Be Reality?

University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Storing solar energy is the central challenge facing energy researchers. Alongside traditional solutions such as solar cells or batteries, creative chemical concepts for storing energy are paving the way for entirely new opportunities. Intramolecular reactions are making it possible to transform solar energy and store it in a singular molecule. This may […]

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Elon Musk Reveals the Staggering Scale of Tesla’s Puerto Rico Solar Projects

Tesla is not standing still.   By: Mike Brown Tesla is bringing power to Puerto Rico. The territory has been working to rebuild its energy infrastructure after a series of hurricanes last year, with Tesla’s solar energy efforts playing a big role in this recovery effort. On Sunday, CEO Elon Musk revealed the company is currently working on […]

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Florida Community Enjoys Near-Free Solar Power

Rural Groveland, Florida may seem like an unlikely place for a technological boom.  But sometimes looks can be deceiving. Trilogy Orlando is a 55-and-older community where just about every home is powered by solar energy. “Why not solar?” offered Jim Kennedy, who lives in the Trilogy development and says solar is a hit. “We have so many […]

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Solar Powered Desalination Plant Brings Relief To Muni

By: Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl South Africa is set to commission its first solar powered desalination plant at the end of October 2018 in Witsand, Hessequa Municipality in the Western Cape. The project, initiated by Prof Erwin Schwella, Professor of Public Leadership at Stellenbosch and Tilburg Universities together with the municipality, is co-funded by the Western Cape […]