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Interesting Solar Power Trends To Watch In 2017

The solar industry in recent years has been characterized by double-digit installation growth and moderate revenue expansion, especially in the largest markets — namely Japan, China, and the United States. With the ongoing cost reduction of solar power, forward-thinking organizations are reevaluating their energy strategy to cut costs and manage their energy consumption more effectively. […]

Why Industrial Buildings are so Good for Solar Panels

Industrial buildings are ideal for solar PV installations. Their roofs offer uncomplicated space with no obstructions such as skylights and chimneys, which sometimes create shading issues. Shallow pitched roofs on industrial buildings and offices allow for solar installations on both east and west facing roofs with very little production losses.  Any sized business can reduce […]

The Price Of Solar Plummets In The USA

The cost of installing solar energy in America has fallen to an all-time low according to new market data released by the Energy Department’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. In the latest editions of two recurring reports, Tracking the Sun IX and Utility Scale Solar 2015, Berkeley Labs found the average year-on-year price of residential and […]

The Price of Solar Is Declining to Unprecedented Lows

Despite already low costs, the installed price of solar fell by 5 to 12 percent in 2015 By: Robert Fares   The installed price of solar energy has declined significantly in recent years as policy and market forces have driven more and more solar installations. Now, the latest data show that the continued decrease in […]