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Solar Panel Innovation Allows for Plant Growth, Energy Generation Simultaneously

By: Laura Panjwan  Although solar energy is one of the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy sources available, the space required to install solar systems can be a barrier to its implementation. In countries where farmland is limited, solar panel insulation just isn’t a realistic option, said Jan Ingenhoff, PhD, a research professor at the Institute of […]

Smart Windows Could Combine Solar Panels and TVs Too

By: Kerry Rippy Imagine standing in front of a wall of windows, surveying the view. You hear someone enter the room behind you. You turn. “Welcome,” you say. “Here is the video I wanted to show you.” At the press of a button, the view vanishes and the windows transform into a high-definition TV screen. […]

Solar Panels on Sturgis Plaza to Power City Building

By: Deb Holland STURGIS — A new shade structure being installed at the Sturgis Harley-Davidson Rally Point will help power the city’s library. The 40-watt solar canopy should be operational by mid-June, City Engineer Liz Wunderlich said, explaining that a conduit to harness the energy has been built into one of the columns that will […]

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More Va. Schools Benefiting From Clean Renewable Energy

By: Kathy Stewart WASHINGTON — It’s like a giant science experiment that teaches students how solar energy works. Dominion Energy’s “Solar for Students” program was introduced three years ago at four Virginia schools, including T. Clay Wood Elementary School in Prince William County. With the success of the program, it has now expanded to more schools, […]

Science Imitates Nature to Improve Solar Cells

By: Bob McDonald The black wings of a butterfly have provided a simple way to improve the light gathering abilities of solar cells. It is the latest example of how science turns to nature to find elegant solutions to technical problems. Solar cells are a wonderfully clean way to turn sunlight directly into electricity with […]