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Making Solar Energy More Efficient

With global warming an ever-present worry, renewable energy — particularly solar power — is a burgeoning field. Now, two doctoral students in the School of Architecture & Design (Arc/D) have demonstrated methods of optimizing the capture of sunlight in experiments at the Center for Design Research. Green-roof boost Mohammed Alshayeb started by asking himself what […]

Farmers Bank on Solar Power to Stave Off European Water Crisis

By: Steve Gillman Rising populations and climate change are putting pressure on the water needed for agriculture but a solar-powered irrigation system may reduce the amount that farmers use – while simultaneously slashing the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture accounts for almost 70 % of the world’s water use, but with the global population expected to increase to […]

What’s Under These Solar Panels Could Solve World Hunger

By: Kate Ryan Solar panels may be old news when it comes to scientific innovations, but Japanese farmers are repurposing them in a novel way. In an attempt to revive aging farming communities and contribute clean energy to the local grid, two farms in northeastern Japan are growing cloud-ear mushrooms underneath the solar panels. Together, the […]

Unlocking Millions of Dollars in State Incentives for Solar Power in L.A. County

Research by GRID Alternatives and UCLA quantifies benefits of installing solar power on affordable housing By: Colleen Callahan  Karina Guzman is both property manager and resident of a low-income housing complex for working families in Southern California. Even with the job and relatively affordable rent, Guzman worries about paying her electricity bills. But relief is coming […]

These Microscopic Glass Shells are Supercharging Solar Power

Deep beneath the sea, algae trap light by growing tiny glass shells. Now a Swedish startup is turning them into super-efficient solar panels By: Liz Longden Where does the future of energy lie? For Sofie Allert, it’s in the freezing depths of the Nordic oceans – where she harvests algae that can supercharge solar panels. Allert […]