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Why Solar Is Likely To Power The Home Of The Future

It’s growing cheaper and more popular each year By: Angela Chen ? Right now in America, there are about 2 million homes with solar panels. Considering there are about 90 million single-family homes, that doesn’t seem like a lot. But consider this: we’re now on track to start adding a million new solar-powered systems each year. […]

Backyards, Not Major Projects, Seen As Region’s Green Energy Future

With the Ford government ending green energy contracts, major companies may pull back and leave room for smaller businesses and projects By: Jennifer Bielman ?? Forget government power-generation contracts: Renewable energy’s future in Southwestern Ontario is in your backyard, on rooftop solar panels and in your driveway, a London producer says. Weeks after Ontario’s new […]

Portable Solar Energy System Powers Rural Development

Photovoltaic energy is a clean, renewable and economical source of energy that can help reduce consumption of fossil fuels to mitigate global warming. It provides energy off-grid to remote communities with no electricity or as part of a hybrid energy generation system. Most people without access to electricity live in regions with very good or […]

Edmonton Study Shows Snow Only Mildly Affects Solar Panel Productivity

By: Kateryna Didukh EDMONTON—A five-year study led by Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s (NAIT) Alternative Energy Technology program found that the impact of snowfall only results in three per cent loss of solar energy. Tim Matthews, technologist in charge of the NAIT study, said previous predictions expected as much as a 20 per cent loss in […]

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Designing A ‘Solar Tarp,’ A Foldable, Packable Way To Generate Power From The Sun

By: Darren Lipomi The energy-generating potential of solar panels – and a key limitation on their use – is a result of what they’re made of. Panels made of silicon are declining in price such that in some locations they can provide electricity that costs about the same as power from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. […]

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