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Mercedes-Benz and Vivint Solar Partner to Compete with Tesla in Home Energy

Mercedes-Benz Energy will combine home energy storage with Vivint solar panels in the U.S. Will be available first to California homeowners in the second quarter. Product is very similar to those offered by Tesla. Part of Mercedes’ larger electrification strategy. By: Robert Ferris Mercedes-Benz is partnering with U.S.-based Vivint Solar to compete with Tesla and […]

Printed Solar Tiles Are Thinner, Cheaper, and Easier to Use

Solar panels have become increasingly inexpensive in the past months. However, while a number of large-scale energy producers are shifting towards solar power, there is still a lack of homes that have adopted the technology. In Australia, a place bathed in seemingly constant direct sunlight, price is still a major stumbling block for homeowners considering switching […]

Developer Plans Solar-Powered Townhouses

By: David McGee BRISTOL, Va. – A developer is seeking city approval to construct 30 upscale townhouses using solar power to partially or wholly offset the electric bills. Aaron Lilly has proposed constructing Wildflower Ridge subdivision on 12.5 hillside acres behind the existing Seven Oaks townhouse development, near Interstate 81’s Exit 5. Lilly, who also […]

Solar Road Surface to be Tested on TRU Kamloops Campus

By: Randy Shore Researchers at Thompson Rivers University are installing Canada’s first solar electric road surface in Kamloops. Michael Mehta’s Solar Compass Project will embed 64 super-durable solar panels right outside the main doors of the university’s Arts and Education Building. “The system will produce enough power to run 40 computers in that building, eight […]

How Leading Solar Panels Stack Up Against the Competition

By: Travis Hoium In the battle to win business in the solar industry, solar manufacturers have to find a way to differentiate themselves. Cost and efficiency are two of the biggest differentiators, and in the utility segment, a larger panel size can make installation more efficient as well. Below, I’ve pulled the data sheet information for […]