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Chasing the Solar Dream in B.C.: It Takes Cash and Commitment

By: Randy Shore If your solar dream is to go off the grid and cock a snook at B.C. Hydro in the process, dream on. For all solar electricity’s advantages, in an environment where electricity is cheap and solar productivity is limited when you need it most, tapping into the sun’s power remains relatively expensive. […]

How Solar Power is Helping Gaza Residents Overcome Electricity Crisis

Most Gazans can’t afford solar energy, but for upper and middle class people in the embattled strip it is becoming an increasingly popular option as the local energy system crumbles By: Naomi Zeveloff With two sons at university, a third son in high school, and another daughter coming up through the Gaza school system, Muhammad Dahman’s […]

Downtown Development Prompts Changes in County’s Solar Panel Plans

By: Stanley Dunlap A 2016 agreement to install solar panels outside Macon-Bibb County government buildings was hailed as a historic moment as officials took the lead in supporting renewable energy. But as measurements were being taken for panels that would go in the parking lot of the Macon-Bibb County Government Center, a proposed mixed-use development […]

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China Built a 248-Acre Solar Power Plant Shaped Like a Giant Panda

By: Alexander Haro China is quickly taking the lead in the global race for the next and greatest form of energy. It’s not going to come from fossil fuels, which sucks for everyone who works in the fossil fuel industry and everyone with their hands fondling the balls of the fossil fuel industry. It’s good for the […]

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Californians Take a Shine to Solar Power

By: Jocelyne Zablit Jacquie Barnbrook had grown tired of the high electricity bills and her gas-guzzling luxury car when she finally decided to take the plunge last year. The 52-year-old Los Angeles resident joined an ever-growing number of Californians who are switching to solar power for their energy needs in a bid to not only save money […]

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