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San Diego Padres Begin MLB’s Largest Solar Power Installation

By: Joe Lemire The San Diego Padres announced the installation of Major League Baseball’s largest solar power system. Sullivan Solar Power, founded by a San Diego native, is outfitting Petco Park with the 336,520-watt sustainable energy project of 716 high-efficiency, 470-watt solar modules expected to produce more than 12 million kilowatt-hours over a quarter-century — larger than MLB’s […]

Can Green Gas Help Us Meet Energy Targets?

The need to make the transition to a low-carbon economy means using all the renewable technologies in our toolbox. While wind and solar power often gain the most attention, and investment, it’s important to recognise the potential contribution from all sources, including bioenergy. For example, anaerobic digestion (AD) plants across the UK already have enough capacity […]

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Solar 4 RV’s Unique Service Wins Award

By: Kate Dodd “OH GOODNESS, we have to go get up on stage.” Those were the words of Trish Chapallaz, who was sitting with her husband at the Optus My Business Awards, when she found out they’d won the Australian Retail Business of the Year. The couple owns Solar 4RVs, a specialist business providing solar […]

Farmers Bank on Solar Power to Stave Off European Water Crisis

By: Steve Gillman Rising populations and climate change are putting pressure on the water needed for agriculture but a solar-powered irrigation system may reduce the amount that farmers use – while simultaneously slashing the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture accounts for almost 70 % of the world’s water use, but with the global population expected to increase to […]

What’s Under These Solar Panels Could Solve World Hunger

By: Kate Ryan Solar panels may be old news when it comes to scientific innovations, but Japanese farmers are repurposing them in a novel way. In an attempt to revive aging farming communities and contribute clean energy to the local grid, two farms in northeastern Japan are growing cloud-ear mushrooms underneath the solar panels. Together, the […]