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Scientists Use Solar Power to Produce Hydrogen from Biomass

By: Anmar Frangoul Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a technique that uses solar power to produce clean hydrogen from biomass. In a news release on Tuesday the university said that up until now lignocellulose – the main component of plant biomass – had only been converted into hydrogen via a gasification process that […]

New Research Could Turn Water Into the Fuel of Tomorrow

By: Dom Galeon WATER FOR FUEL Over the past decades, fossil fuels have become the backbone of the world’s industries. They have also been the number one cause of man-made climate change. Fortunately, things are beginning to change, as fossil fuels are on the decline thanks to the rise of renewable energy sources. An alternative energy source […]

Solar Batteries ‘Exploding’ in Popularity with Uptake to Triple in 2017

By: Amy Bainbridge and Rebecca Armitage The first national audit of batteries that store solar power shows almost 7,000 were installed in Australian homes last year — and that’s predicted to triple this year. Warwick Johnston from solar consultancy SunWiz carried out the audit by speaking to manufacturers and suppliers. “There was a significant fall in […]

Rhode Island Targets 1 GW of Clean Energy by End of 2020

By: Ivan Shumkov Rhode Island governor Gina M Raimondo announced on Friday that the state will seek to increase its clean energy generation capacity to 1,000 MW by the end of 2020 from about 100 MW in 2016. In order to achieve the new “1,000 by ’20” goal, Rhode Island will utilise a broad range of […]

Home Energy Storage Batteries Lose to Grid-Connected Solar on Environmental Impact

By: Stephen Edelstein At first glance, renewable-energy sources like solar power and energy-storage battery packs seem like a logical match. Energy storage allows excess power collected by solar panels to be stored for later use, addressing the intermittent nature of solar power. It’s a concept that has already won over policymakers, electric utilities, and some automakers. […]