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India Will Soon Be Drinking Budweiser Beer Brewed Using Solar Power

By: Suneera Tandon Late last year, Anheuser-Busch (AB) InBev, the world’s largest brewer, announced its plans (pdf) to produce all its beer using renewable energy by 2025. By moving to renewable power at such scale, AB InBev claimed it would annually source 6 terawatt-hours of electricity—the amount produced by 400 football fields of solar panels annually—from sustainable […]

Florida Community Enjoys Near-Free Solar Power

Rural Groveland, Florida may seem like an unlikely place for a technological boom.  But sometimes looks can be deceiving. Trilogy Orlando is a 55-and-older community where just about every home is powered by solar energy. “Why not solar?” offered Jim Kennedy, who lives in the Trilogy development and says solar is a hit. “We have so many […]

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Solar Powered Desalination Plant Brings Relief To Muni

By: Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl South Africa is set to commission its first solar powered desalination plant at the end of October 2018 in Witsand, Hessequa Municipality in the Western Cape. The project, initiated by Prof Erwin Schwella, Professor of Public Leadership at Stellenbosch and Tilburg Universities together with the municipality, is co-funded by the Western Cape […]

Nissan’s Following Tesla Into Solar Power and Home Batteries

By: Jack Stewart GIVEN THE WEATHER in the United Kingdom—that cloudy, foggy, drizzly country—it doesn’t seem like the best place to launch a business that revolves around solar power. But this is where the builder of the world’s best-selling electric car just started selling Nissan Energy Solar, a generation-to-acceleration scheme that equips customers with roof-mounted panels and a battery […]

Kiskiack Golf Club Goes Solar

By: Jack Jacobs Eighteen holes of golf. And now, 88 solar panels. Kiskiack Golf Club celebrated the installation of solar panels at a ceremony Tuesday. “We wanted to figure out ways to make Kiskiack a sustainable golf course for many years,” said Carl Zangardi, owner of Kiskiack Golf Club. The solar energy system possesses 29 […]

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