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Numbers Don’t Lie: We’ve Reached a Tipping Point for Renewable Energy

By: JON DOGTEROM The ink is barely dry on Canada’s new national climate change strategy but critics are already trying to bury it under a mound of half-truths about clean energy. The plan contains measures that will help Canada hit its obligations under the Paris Agreement, such as introducing carbon pricing, phasing out coal-burning power stations […]

The Declining Cost In Producing Solar Energy, Outlook For 2017

By: Derrick A. Lila Trends today, indicate that solar power is now cheaper than coal in most parts of the world. Projections from various sources indicate that in less than a decade, solar power would most likely be the lowest-cost option almost everywhere. The solar supply chain is experiencing “a Wal-Mart effect” from higher volumes […]

Interesting Solar Power Trends To Watch In 2017

The solar industry in recent years has been characterized by double-digit installation growth and moderate revenue expansion, especially in the largest markets — namely Japan, China, and the United States. With the ongoing cost reduction of solar power, forward-thinking organizations are reevaluating their energy strategy to cut costs and manage their energy consumption more effectively. […]

SolarWindow Unveils Ultra-Thin Solar Film for Curved Glass Surfaces

By: Colin Payne In a revolutionary move for the solar power industry, Solar Window Technologies recently announced a new flexible solar panel coating for curved glass surfaces that is as thin as a business card and flexible enough to bend without breaking or cracking. The company says that, when applied to a 50-storey building, the […]

Google Hits its Renewable Energy Goals

The company announced it has amassed enough renewable energy to offset its massive electricity use. By: Michael Lietke SAN FRANCISCO—Google is crossing a milestone in its quest to reduce pollution caused by its digital services that devour massive amounts of electricity. The company says it believes that beginning next year, it will have amassed enough renewable […]

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