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Solar panels Make Morocco’s Mosques a Model for Green Energy

Renewable energy is becoming increasingly viable worldwide. But how can governments spread the message to the public? In Morocco, the authorities have been looking to religion for the answer. Revving engines and hooting horns – sounds from Marrakesh’s busy street filter up to the rooftop of one of the Moroccan city’s biggest mosques. The mosaic-decorated, […]

Why Industrial Buildings are so Good for Solar Panels

Industrial buildings are ideal for solar PV installations. Their roofs offer uncomplicated space with no obstructions such as skylights and chimneys, which sometimes create shading issues. Shallow pitched roofs on industrial buildings and offices allow for solar installations on both east and west facing roofs with very little production losses.  Any sized business can reduce […]

First Utility-Scale Tesla Battery Being Installed in Europe

By: Sam Pothercary Tesla’s utility and business energy storage solution, the Powerpack, is being installed by U.K. developer Camborne Energy Storage alongside a PV plant in Somerset, making it the first large-scale Tesla storage unit to be installed in Europe. As energy storage solutions become more in vogue in is little surprise to see big […]

France Gets a Step Closer to Solar Roads

By: Ilias Tsagas French energy minister Ségolène Royal has inaugurated a manufacturing plant that will produce the so-called “Wattway” paving, made of solar PV. One of its pilot projects will be a 1 kilometer solar road, built in the same region as where the plant is located. On 26 July French energy minister Ségolène Royal […]

Mauritius Takes Great Step Forward for Wave Power, Microgrid Design

By: William Steel Australian marine energy developer Carnegie Wave Energy has embarked on an ambitious project in the Indian Ocean nation of Mauritius to establish new benchmarks in microgrid solutions tailored for high penetration renewable energy. “The Mauritius project will clearly show how islands can achieve very high penetration of renewables by using a combination […]