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The Benefits of Solar Hot Water Systems

Did you know that more than 25% of your total energy bill can be attributed to heating water? You can massively reduce how much it costs to heat your water by installing a solar hot water system. They work by collecting the sun’s energy using specialised materials on your roof and warming that water immediately, […]

How to Heat Your Home with Renewable Energy

Photo: Mary Austin Your annual heating bill depends on two factors: your location and heating equipment. You can’t do much about the first, but you can save on your heating bill by upgrading your home with a new heating system. In the past five years, renewable energy has emerged as an economically viable alternative to […]

Implementing Solar Technology in Your Home

Most agree at this point that solar energy holds the greatest promise of all the renewable energy sources. While 60 years ago hydroelectric was forecast to drastically reduce the reliance of fossil fuels for production of electricity (and it has to be fair) the other adverse ecological impacts that were not foreseen or taken into […]

Solar Power Cuts Dairy Costs

A LUCINDALE dairy is saving up to 72 per cent on its water heating bill using an Australian Sun Energy solar hot water system. More than six months ago, Doug and Lyn Crosby and their sons Bill and Bob installed a single-wall evacuated tube high-temperature dairy solar hot water system and, based on its performance, […]

4 Ways to Use Solar Power at Home

Much of our country’s electric grid runs on coal. Even with carbon capture technology, coal is far from clean. As we burn through the world’s coal supply, coal companies resort to more drastic measures to extract it from the ground. A common industry practice, mountaintop removal mining, involves literally blasting the tops off of mountains, […]