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South African Prototype may solve Solar Power Problem

By thinking small, a group of South African scientists may have pioneered solar technology that has stumped Internet giant Google. The Helio100 project, based at Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape province, is a cost-effective heliostat that harnesses solar power to generate electricity. A heliostat uses mirrors or lenses to reflect sunlight, concentrating the solar […]

Could this be the world’s most efficient solar electricity system?

Using military technology and a zero-emission engine invented by a 19th-century Scot, Swedish firm seeks to revolutionise solar energy production By: Jeffrey Barbee A new solar electricity generation system that developers claim is the most efficient in the world, is being tested in South Africa’s Kalahari desert. The Swedish company behind the project – which […]

Largest Solar Power Plant in Africa Flips the Switch

By: Leon Kaye   With seven of the world’s fastest growing economies located in Africa, it should not be a surprise that the continent’s energy demands will only surge in the coming decade. Hence plenty of opportunities exist for clean energy companies as investors worldwide realize Africa, with all of its risks, is a booming […]

South Africa’s interesting and innovative renewable energy policy

Africa is certainly the continent which has paid the higher price for the exploitation of nonrenewable resources (like oil and fossil fuels), in term of political instability, internal conflicts and pollution. To the other hand Africa is also the most sunny continent on earth and it could strongly benefit and profit by the adoption of […]

Solar Power for the Global Masses: The Next Revolution

By Juan Cole As the price of solar panels drops, they increasingly are being spontaneously bought and installed by villagers throughout the world, who are often ill-served, or not served at all, by the central power grid in their countries. Some remain off the grid once they have gone solar. Just as many countries in […]