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Solar Impulse 2 Completes First Ever Solar-Powered Atlantic Flight

By: James Vincent Solar Impulse 2 has successfully crossed the Atlantic — the first journey of its kind made by a solar-powered plane. The experimental aircraft set off from New York on Monday and landed this morning in Seville, Spain. The four-day crossing is one of the most difficult sections in the aircraft’s round-the-world flight. The […]

European Wind Power: Denmark, Portugal, and Spain Leading the World

(via sustainablog) By J. Matthew Roney Denmark produced one third of its electricity from the wind in 2013. In no other country has wind’s share of annual electricity generation yet topped 30 percent. But the Danes are not stopping there—they are eyeing a goal of… Tweet

Old toilets recycled into new “green” cement

By Ben Coxworth An international team of researchers has discovered a potential new use for discarded toilets, along with other ceramic waste such as basins, stoneware and bricks. It turns out that they can be made into a more eco-friendly form of cement. To make the cement, ceramic waste is ground up, then mixed with […]

Spain Becomes 1st Nation to make Renewable Power as Main Source of Energy – AEE Report

It has always been stressed that use of renewable sources energy should be increased. But it has been seen that energy generated from renewable sources mainly from wind, solar and hydroelectric energy forms to be very small part of total energy produced in many countries. In that case, Spain would act as an exception. As […]

Spain Sets Wind Energy Record as Renewables Grow

What do “bad” and “good” weather have in common for renewable energy? The answer is energy. Whether a windy winter day or a sunny summer day, with the appropriate technology, we can take advantage of what nature has to offer. We have an excellent example coming recently from Spain. Maybe when many of you think […]