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Clean-Up Crew On The Half-Shell!

The Bronx River lost its thriving oyster population to over-fishing and pollution, but with a new initiative to raise a healthy population of baby oysters, the hope is that Nature’s water filtration system will soon be up and running. Courtesy: Tweet

Make Mine Mushrooms!

When you unpack that new TV, you get Styrofoam that ends up in landfill whether you like it or not…so why not use the magic of mushrooms to make a packaging material that’s completely compostable? Courtesy: Tweet

The Green Power Shake

Last year I watched a college of mine drink a shake that looked like…well something you shouldn’t put near your mouth, let alone drink. The look on my face encouraged her to share what was in the green/brown mixture, and how great it was for your innards. While I couldn’t argue the benefits of drinking […]

Spinach Power Boosts Si Solar Cells

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 5, 2012 — Popeye’s not the only one who can get a big power boost from spinach: Combining the vegetable’s photosynthetic protein with silicon produces significantly higher current levels than can be achieved by other such “biohybrid” cells composed of the plant protein and metal. “This combination produces current levels almost 1000 […]