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Spray-on solar cells take less energy to make and can be put on everything from jeans to cars

Scientists are one step closer to spray-on solar power. Instead of traditional bulky solar cells encased in glass–which can be awkward to put in places other than a roof, and take a lot of energy to produce–we may someday be able to easily spray paint low-cost, low-energy solar cells on everything from a pair of […]

High-efficiency spray-on solar power tech can turn any surface into a cheap solar cell

By Ryan Whitwam   Solar panels suffer from two fundamental problems that have continued to persists even after decades of research: they’re not very efficient, and they cost a lot to produce. At least one of these problems has to be solved before solar power can overtake cheap energy sources like fossil fuels, and some […]

First Spray-On Battery Could Change Home Electronics Forever

A spray-on battery could revolutionize technology – allowing for slimmer gadgets, and household gizmos with built-in power supplies. The lithium-ion battery, which can be painted on to virtually every surface, works by ‘spraying on’ the chemical layers which form a battery. The new battery could make solar gadgets practical by building up their storage, without […]